Eligibility and Requirements can be found here.

Commonly asked questions:

Is Beta Alpha Psi a fraternity? No! We’re a nonprofit international honorary and service organization for accounting, finance, and information systems students and alumni.

Is there a rushing process? No! Although we do require all Candidates and Members to complete a certain amount of hours and attend the New Member Orientation. The hour categories break down to: Professional, Community Service, and Additional.

Who can join Beta Alpha Psi? Membership is only open to undergraduate and graduate students (that meet our required GPA requirements), majoring or intending to express an interest in Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems.

Why does Beta Alpha Psi have such strict GPA requirements? Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary organization. By maintaining strict GPA requirements, Beta Alpha Psi has been able to cultivate an excellent reputation among accounting professionals. This reputation will reflect on you in your interviews with these professionals, increasing the likelihood that you will secure a position with their firm.

Why does Beta Alpha Psi require all members to complete hours? Each Beta Alpha Psi Chapter is required to meet activity requirements. Our Chapter strives to meet the requirements of a prestigious “Superior Chapter” standing every year. This includes completing a specific amount of professional, service, and “reaching out” activities every semester. To meet these requirements, all members must help us so that we can maintain our standing! 

Is joining worth it? Yes! Membership in Beta Alpha Psi provides a large variety of benefits. It provides further knowledge and insight on careers in Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems that aren’t provided in classes. It also offers opportunities to meet with professionals that are experienced in various areas/fields related to your major. Additionally, membership in BAP offers members a large advantage as it aids them in standing out during job searches and interviews. Many top recruiters have personally told us that they place BAP members to the top of the “resume stack” due to the credibility of the organization. Furthermore, it shows that you’re active on campus. There are many opportunities within the organization to gain leadership, professional, and technical experience that will help you to get the upper hand. There are countless other benefits as well!